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Who wants in?

You will need, a decent microphone, 2-3 hours of time, balls of steel to connect raw to a mumble server (voice data is UDP and late/drops over Tor/VPN).

@real_Penguin @Bung @thetangledweb @oniontyphoon @YouBawBag @PeacockQuill


I’m in if it’s a Saturday or Sunday

That’s if ye can understand my thick Irish accent


We can spend an hour talking about you and weddings that’s for sure.


Ya man I have stories :wink:


I can’t tell if @Bung is a request or just means I’m doing something anymore.


It’s inviting the front line staff as a meet and greet to the 600 orrible cunts here. Everyone wants to know what you sound like Bung.


Thank you for using Mumble <3


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Never use your own voice for Opsec use someone else’s… …


I’ve already popped that cherry through video, more than happy to help.


u can get them voice boards sound like alien


Yeah this is naturally going to be aimed at people who don’t have 14g of beak at all times to hand.


I want the channel 5 one , does it have that ? I’ve got my skull neckerchief


Googling about there are a few voice changers for it - unfortunately there’s not going to be video on this thing for a while until we’ve figured out the basics so you’ll have to hang onto your neckerchief.


I’ve only my headset that I use for the ps4, when will this be happening?


This lets you manipulate tone/pitch of voice for free and is generally handy as fuck.


This weekend all being well I think, can be flexible though.


I’m down…


You’re a pickle.


Il see what I can arrange, leave for work Sunday and have plans Saturday afternoon which will most likely turn into a piss up.