Clonazepam-EU Review


Vendor: Clonazepam-EU

Product: 20 x 2mg - Roche Clonezepam, 60 x 10mg Zolpidem

Cost: Clonazpam was £11 Zolpidem was £44 Shipping was £7


Service: 10/10 - Seller answered all of my questions within a couple of hours.

Shipping: 7/10 - The seller posted the items a couple of days after he marked it as shipped. Delivery was a bit slow 10 days from non-hot ie not Eastern-European EU country.

Stealth: 6/10 - Pills were tightly packed so no rattle, return address and visual barrier and a weak decoy.

Product: 10/10 - With all the fake UK meds around at the moment, I am 100% certain these are the real deal I got boxed blister with each box having an individual serial number, instructions and euro price on the box. Long expiry dates 2022. The ambien sends me straight to walrus land and the clonazepam feels much stronger that I have had from UK vendors.

Good vendor for Clonazepam. Could do with using a decoy but in terms of risk one of the lowest risk countries to import from.


good price for clonz

pics please


Pics please

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the easiet way to tell if clonaz are legit are the minty taste. i have a script. good price on them. interesring fact clonaz are or were produced in india then shipped to spain to be blistered as costs were lower. mad but true


Jesus Christ nobody listen to this


justify please.


Clonazepam does not taste like mint

This flavour is added to some pills but not all, the usual sweet taste from some benzos is mannitol when it’s used instead of lactose

You would not taste 2mg from a 350mg pill all you are tasting normally is the binders

Clonazepam is a generic drug produced by hundreds of different pharmacies world wide so I don’t know why your making the generalisation with India


ok to.clarify yes you correct its the binders biut original roche clonaz have a minty taste which is why you.can tell.legit from fakes. my mistake not clarifiying on that. as for generic clonaz ive never had them. ive had a script for about 10 years amd its always been original roche.
im not generalizing india just fact.
also its like “generics” feom souh america which are basically bayer produced to their standards so not generic just appear so but your gettimg originals and that im generalizing as bayer produce a fuxkload of meds.
on a side note i come from the jellies genration…
Sorry forgot about the us klonopin in the us as the generic version…


Never tried ambien but clonazepam was good fun from what I can remember, enjoy. Nice review :+1:


yeah clonazepam are hard to get hence the lack oc knowledge as most want valium or xanax all the way. ambien ive had but were so so for me. mogadon anyone?


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I personally don’t find clonezepam recreational at all unless I’m feeling a bit stressed out and then only with some weed to feel extreme calm bliss, but it lasts way too long and you wake up feeling groggy. You don’t do stupid shit like you do on Xanax, but Xanax has more recreational use and is better for comedowns.


Ya but your arms and legs won’t work properly when you need them


Lol… so then it sounds like fun RC @home


Yeah I love it great movie watching benzo


depends on dose tolerance and what you have to do. i work in a high stress enviroment and if i know im going to have a hard day .5-1mg in the morning and im good. better than valium or xanax they just fuck you up and more recreational. clonaz are more mellow and chilled for me anyway


Saw this guy on the market, very cheap prices for clonazepam I believe it’s only £40 or so for 100? I am tempted especially as it’s from a low risk country and it’s the proper Roche brand.

Anyone else had more recent experiences with this vendor?


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