Category reorganisation


There’s a lot of subcategories under things like “Uppers” that I feel could do with cleaning up etc, anyone have any suggestions on a layout that they’d prefer?


I think benzodiazepines need to be made into pharmaceuticals as most people who are users have cross over ancd benzos are a very distinct class when you have many many other non-benzo equivalents and pharma opiates like codeine/dhc that want to be disected inside arguments made by jeff and nmyself on what packaging is real.

A psychedelic category would be better instead of just “uppers” so they don’t get mixed in with the coke heads. Then the stimulant category where you have speed/4-MMM or whatever meth - as is now.

b-b-b-but wouldn’t this be racist?


Yes we do some great work there. A Pharmaceuticals category is needed I absolutely agree here.