Bung and you on DNSTARS radio, let's get it on




It ain’t the Joe rogan podcast for sure…I skipped most of it to see if it picked up, but hey ho. Get the Belgium fella on


@Leon_9462 you sound far less like Rick than I was hoping for lol

Listened to around half hour of that so far though and it’s good stuff. Some of the meth talk is deep


yes leon wag 1


You try and wing a single take podcast that lacked even cliff notes on previously agreed topics which is why I planned to do one with @Bung and @jeffbenzos but jeff took a nap two days in a row and now ol’ bung is busy but I wanted that one to be actually useful and informative for all lol but go listen to Milo Yiannopoulos if you prefer :man_shrugging:

@Damn_lost_it yeah like, I am just like the rest of y’all just coz my DOC is so taboo’d i’m automatically associated with the kind you see in the media when im the total opposite - except my quickfire temper but that was there before the drugs hahaha

@LLimitedUK wagwan bredah we cola or meowin it up 2nite?


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Ok we are back in business here, but lets uhh try and keep it a little more down to business. I intended to make a podcast this weekend. It is likely to be a train wreck. But we’ll have fun if your game and free tonight. Let yourselves be know and I’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ear for an hour.


Im keen got nowt else going on.


Just a phone ear piece ok?


obvs with a mic onit lol


You’ll need earbuds or summit like that so you can hear without speakers, but yeah should do.


Cola as always bro


Think I deserve a shout out for not causing a gigantic SC thread this week; any chance of a special badge or something?


I’ll consider getting Rick tattooed on my nut next time I’m getting one done? Well not on both maybe Rick on righty Morty on lefty. Or maybe just topcat…


After what we talked about I just spent 90 mins on someone on a fent od! K apparently!!! Point proven…

He’s fine he was v grateful… Literally was fully death rattling on me not someone I knew and him and his scared gf didn’t speak great English so stressful!!! Rave is still pumping though.


Fent being added to ket? Think we need to mass test K suppliers asap


Sorry, but how did he know there was fent in it? Sounds like he was just fucked. Death rattle ffs, you don’t come back after that. You’re wild @totally_spun, but I love you :kissing_heart:


I death rattle just having to get outta bed :man_shrugging: