Bruiser has a new batch of “85%” speed - anyone tried it yet?


no future in that son…


I’ve got a very good future with this company lad and the time off is fantastic.


aah good lad stick in!!!


Job for life as long as I don’t fail a drug test haha.


I’m in the same boat, They can only piss test me if blatantly impaired it’s a bit of a tight rope


We can get hit at anytime man, but there’s several boats in the fleet so once one gets hit the word spreads. I’ve given up the smoke apart my months off and as long as I stick to ching the first weekend home am generally safe.


So whats the consenus on this new batch from Bruiser89? currently waiting on a pack of it dropping.


Well I’m finding it hard to compare to old batch. It definitely works considering it’s nkw 3:40am. From what I can tell it feels clean very much doubt any caffeine in there. I’d say the new batch is at very least just as good as older batch but to me seems stronger. I am gunna take a little break from my binge and try it again so tolerance doesn’t skew my opinion. And will review in next few days.


How much should i take orally for a 10 hour work shift. Dont want to appear stimmed out.


THats a tough one since my scales broke so I was eyeballing It. But I’d estimate I was take around 100mg or for for a reasonably strong effect but I did have a tolerance, so I’d recommend u experiment your self with different doses before you actually use for work.

One thing about the speed tho is although personally I find it good I find it lasts slightky less longer that it usually dose. But that could be down to my metabolism or tolerance.

Also for snorting it hurts like fuck. Don’t last too long out is painful and I have woken up with small amounts of blood in my nose the next day.


told you.



just received some of his pink stuff and dropped a decent sized bomb, cant feel much yet but i’ll probably be fucked in a few minutes and i’m just too impatient


i wouldnt count on it shits weak bro


I have to come to agree. I also have to apologies for not reviewing his products yet. I’ve been so fucking busy and stressed and I’ve ran out of his speed due to its lack of potency and these fucking bunk klonopin aren’t doing anygood.

I have to give him credit for having what seems to be “clean” speed but he shouldn’t deserve it, he gets it in comparison to others.

One thing about both his batches as well is although they were almost completely dry they burnt my nose worse than coke and finally crushed MD. and after a nite blood did occur but that could be due to the amounts I had to do especially after I got some tolerance going.


Was the amp powdery or more crystalline? I once bought some amhetamine phospate from a market a couple years ago… domestic, can’t remember name. It was extremely pure and amazing. But unlike most speed it was the phosphate instead of the sulphate, and it did in fact burn much more in comparison when sniffed. Had a more crystalline structure than the other sulphate I’d had before it.

Trying to find find some more amp that was like that stuff. It was hard to find then too… especially domestic but somehow I did. Only ordered twice, 1g sulphate and 1g phospate and they were both about 1:1 potency compared to pharm amp. Had to do many hours of research to find those vendors but boy was it worth it…


fair dos for man, aint all that at all bloody disappointing…


if.had at least two other uk vendors with exactly the same.its brual on the nasal passage


Hard to remember exactly. I think there was what you might call a crystalline structure to it but it was obviously impure so the cuts could have made it more powdery or more crystally.

But don’t judge my comment wrong it was by no means crystally. It had a few Pebbkes in it and needed a good chopping but it’s didnt have the crystal consistency pure amphetamine salt should. But it also wasn’t like flower either so judge it as you will.

I only think it’s worth getting if you really want some clean Amphetamine it’s not strong but it’s not amphetacaffeine.


You think people would be willing to pay £20 a g for 95%+ racemic Amphetamine salts?


I think if there were EC results backing it and proven consistency (no bait and switch etc) people would go mad for it. There are vendors selling unknown purity sulphate paste and powder for neary that amount and people seem to be buying it.

Edit to get slightly back on topic: I have sampled both the batches bruiser has to offer. I couldn’t say which one is best as I don’t know which is which. One came slightly damp (only needing a few minutes to dry) and the other pretty much completely dry. Both look similar exept one is slightly off white, but only very slightly. I wouldn’t want to try say which is the best yet really as I haven’t tried them each by themself on seperate days. I can say that imo it is better than most of the stuff I have tried in recent months but wouldn’t want to say either are pure or free from active/inactive cuts.