Bruiser has a new batch of “85%” speed - anyone tried it yet?


His new speed batch is apparently 85% uncut. So I ordered a g of it along with his old batch to compare. Anyone tried yet? I’m pretty excited for it as his claims of uncut speed have so far proven true.

Il chuck a Amphetamine fuelled review of it when it’s landed.


If that’s true he’ll be taking the market by storm.


I thought sulphate couldn’t be above 73% purity or am I just pished ?


Possibly both!

@GGGavlar “The maximum theoretical purity of amphetamine sulphate powder is 73% - the other 27% being made up by the salt base.”


Definately one lol


Nah mate, although you are right in a sense. This gets brought up on a weekly bases and no reputable lab will test percentage based on the freebase form when the sample is in the salt form. The salt isn’t just mixed in with the main compound it is part of the compound.

All dosage info for Amphetamine sulphate is based on Amphetamine sulphate so even from a HR point of view it wouldn’t make sense to tests this way. I honestly think the whole “max purity” thing is made up by vendors.


So it’s still high , when you expecting it m8 ? your review will soon tell if results are true to order received

How much you planning to dose then?


Yeah I guess it’s the same as people saying 84% is the max purity of mdma.


Just ordered it now so hopefuly by the week end. I also got some of his previous batch as he still had it up. That batch was estimated by a previous reviewer to be about 60% as it was slightly better than M&Ss 50% speed.

But yeah I’m hoping it’s decent since I haven’t had good speed since NDDUK original GOOD speed batch.


Please let this be the one which begins to lead the way on increased purity. We will be keenly awaiting your review and I will be placing an order myself in the meantime to see if it lives up to the claims.


I used his old pink batch and ordered some of the new 85%, unfortunately can’t spend 120€ on EC and can’t send to wedinos because I’m not uk based. due to my permatolerance is hard for me to judge his gear, but his pink stuff seemed good to me

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i tried his a couple of weeks ago

verdict : as bad as i have tried(yes including the 11% job)


it wont be


thecheekygirls and thetuckshop are the contenders took 0.5 at 1pm in anticipation of shite phet.

And here i am 17hrs later loool


placebo maybes?


17hrs is a bit to long for a placebo? Lol


i was jokin pal…

i got a 3.5 yesterday 2.8 left.

usually that is well gone by now.

just look at the forum lool,my performance is obviously enhanced.


thanks for getting up mate lonely old night haha


Haha I’ve got work unfortunately, only another 6 days till the off though :slight_smile:


it feels like it could be another 6 days till i get a sleep bro