Bigphil new ket batch


Yeh i always buy 10G+ so wouldnt know.



101010 b


Thats gone over my head mate


The 101010 b was just cos I couldn’t type shorther than 10 characters


lol fucking annoying


nice one bro, just put an order through. cheers man


5 mins into 100mg. Feeling slightly dissociated.

It is shardy. Not the largest shards but they are not powders.

It doesn’t really sting up the nose, may go for another 100mg line or two later.

Not bad I would say.


does anyone else feel like ketamine is not as good as it used to be? around 10 years ago i was getting really nice k but now it seems it’s just not as strong. we used to buy bottles of the stuff and then cook it up which gave off a solid product but now the price is double what we used to pay and not as good.


I think me, you and everyone thinks its worse mate haha


Yeah sounds like mine from BP. Smaller shards but still shardy, not particularly strong but don’t know of anything better currently

Edit: not particularly strong but still decent


Man i miss Docklands batch of K that was absolutely 10/10. One of potion-sellers really stood out aswell. All of their k was good but there was 1 batch from each of them that i’ve never had k as good as ever since


Just ordered 7g from phil himself. Do you think this batch is actually good? How is it? More racemic wonky or s-isomer clear headed ?


I remember getting a gram of docklands ket when he first started. Wasnt life changing by any means was just decent. Maybe im wrong just my thoughts.


There was one batch close to when he finished vending. Amazing wonk. Proper happy wonk. Wasn’t fully on racemic but wasn’t s-isomer. Somewhere in between i believe


I don’t know but i think it may have been proper racemic as it was more similar to the liquid I used to get direct from India which I think was racemic, deffinately both trippy visually and total body wonk too!. I only had a gram of that famous batch but of a friend (it was the kick in the butt that inspired me to cross the virtual dnm line)

I have had a couple that I feel have rivaled the oldschool quality since but the batches never last long.


His new batch is decent,.
I, I.M. it so i KNOW exactly what’s what (arrogance aside!) when it comes to Ketamine,use at least 3 times a week all off Phil with the odd One Stop batch here and there.
It’s funny cause i was probably one of the last people to have contact with Potion seller,i had a long chat with him on Wickr where he explained the issues surrounding his “Departure”.
I do not say this to “Lorde” or try to impress because…well you guys are like me so you also know the know.

TL:DR…Pissed off rant of pointlessness,having a bad day!


he know PS ayee?


“P4”,Jheeeeze bro,i feel old!
HMDD did have the fire still but went sideways as far as i can remember???


Is that you…KILOGRAMS?


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha omgggg yes, its me!