Bigphil new ket batch


LaCoca’s racemic is up there with what HMDD used to sell.


Those are strong words.

Strong enough to make me pop an order in to gauge the strength of the aforementioned ket.

Ah HMDD. Aside from Project-4, he was the last person I found that understood what good quality racemic should be like.

S-Isomer is the levoamphetamine of Ket in terms of what I want from the drug, Sure it has effects, and unlike l-amphetamine is actually stronger than its stereoisomer by weight, but it’s not got the magic of racemic.


Ive been very tempted by it as well, haven’t had anything like what HMDD was selling for years. Especially the Dutch racemic he had, have never had such clean floaty k. Was nicer than k from a vial even. P4 in sr1 days had some brilliant racemic as well. Probably one of the most enjoyable k holes ive ever had was from that stuff.


Got a dabble of P-4 leftover from when he was about as well. Difficult to bring myself to use it but always so tempting


K is just not a drug I have the ability to save. If I buy more it will just go faster


Unfortunately Phils current batch is still the same weaker “talc” stuff although he says he has the Shards incoming…
He has had a few negative feedbacks lately regarding quality,i must admit that i too am tiring of this “talc” stuff. Just want to see the shards back,he gets enough of my money WEEKLY!
If the “talc” is still live in a week i will go to “One Stop” until i know Phil has shards but they do not have the same service as Phil,he has gone out of his way for me sooo many times,fitting me in to a days drops when i am clearly way past his cut off but One Stop ALWAYS has the shardy fire although its a tad more expensive but you get what you pay for BUT Phil is just soooo reliable and approachable and always ndd that it is hard not to use him. I think i will give it another week and if no change THEN i will move on…RELUCTANTLY Phil,said with respect my friend…
How is everyone,it has been a while,i ain’t one of the more popular poster’s so i ain’t been missed (phishing for emotional embracement from my Narco bro’s!) but with the death of “Doomcompooda” or wtf it was called (Hug Bunters site…no?!) i find it hard to find you guys.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Weather.


yes you have.


Well that is very kind of you to say Riverplate83,god bless you my dear friend,hope you are enjoying this fine Weather…wherever you are?!


i am bro rain is just below torrential,which is nice.


Yes mate,that is why it costs me a bloody fortune as i only buy grams BUT that can be like 3 a week sometimes,does not sound much but it adds up compared to Phils £65 8ths!
Just like you i HAVE to do this as it forces me to have breaks of 1-2 days between each Gram,i I.M. so it lasts but yeah,i feel you mate,if i ordered 8ths it would be more efficient,far less bait ie less drops and cheaper BUT i would be a gibbering mess although most of you probably think i am already lol!


I smell an Opsec reply lol (nice!)


have u tried lacoca


Received a bigphil order for 10g yesterday - seemed shardy to me. New batch might be in? Havent had chance to test but might get feedback soon.


i think it is in from his profile posts


His market profile mentioned a new batch of shard. Something about a few orders have already had it, but all from Wednesday onwards will have it. Be interesting to see if the batch is better than the recent ones that people have complained about


let us know what the feedback is sayin bruvaaa


Shardy batch seemed good. My tolerance is through the roof. Seems quality back on point.


for bigphil? thanks for letting me know


Yeh mate. It was after a coke sesh (spoken on other thread) so take with pinch of salt but I enjoyed.

Definetley not powder that people have been talking about.


Sure if you buy Gs from big Phil you get powder due to how packaged and gets crushed more in transit and 3.5s and more is shards.