Bigphil new ket batch


how does it compare to peach?


Just ordered 10g myself. Reviews do say good shards other than one guy saying it’s powdery & one saying its weak. Maybe I should hold back. Is peach fe?


Peach is fine two use , ketamine was of very good quality when I got it , first one took 2 weeks to receive due to market mistake and second order came 1 pill short ndd, stealth is at top level


Peach not been online for a while. No listings either


thought it was better than his last but someone else said it was awful and they tested it and it was cut. I finished off about .7 of his granular batch from a couple of months ago last night, was just as good as I remember


Easy to khole with peach’s gear gav?


yes m8 but I’m not a regular user but I’ve had all the best vendors associated with ket in last few years stuff it was pretty good close to potion sellers imo but I’m not a big user so ask a few others


Are you talking about the batch he has now? Pretty sure its no more than a week old


No m8 sorry probably 6 weeks ago didn’t know “new batch” was about


I got a pack from Phil early last week and it was almost all powdery with a few shards in it. Not had a chance to use it yet though so can’t comment on quality


Got some the other day, tested it last night. I really enjoyed it, definitely not as strong as his last batch but I felt that was too strong so that was a plus for me. Just waiting on some racemic to show up on the dnms now


was it shardy?

he says in his profile he has a new batch coming


Yeah very shardy


Polishing off a bit right now and got so say it’s a bit shite. Still does the job butjjst a bit weak tbh


Shit. Dont say that just popped in a 10g order! Last batch i got from him wasn’t as good i felt eIther.


Na don’t worry too much it’s still alright just not as good as other batches I’ve had from DNMs


anyone know how scarletts stuff is? they got s-isomer and racemic


The test result here says Scarlett’s stuff is rubbish, in the low percents. Go for peach or bigphil.

@Badtimetosneeze I got this batch as well. Giving it a go tonight most likely.


Also can’t speak for Princess Peach but I’ve had quite a few painless orders with BigPhil so I can recommend him for his customer service


Just had ~60mg of this powdery batch in just over an hour and it’s weaker than other stuff I’ve had from him yeah.