Any knowledgeable DMT folk?


Can’t wait to do it again man, just need to prepare myself for liftoff.


hell yeah, we should get some trip reports posted on here I was supposed to write one for my last trip


Defiently, I’ll do a write up on my next DMT bit, next time I do Acid I’ll write that up too.


I second the GVG vape genie @Gammato mentioned.

I tried the machine : and couldn’t get it to work properly but didn’t do it right and wasted the dmt stuck to the side of the bottle.

Made up enhanced leaf with passion flower and dmt mixed together with some iso and dried out in a large pipe, bowl was pretty big and hard to get enough in ya lungs as had it mixed with various flowers, still a nice intro to it and good if you fancy a little visuals and warmth without blowing your mind (although that did happen with this method too)

Bought a vape mod and made up liquid for that - worked very well at first but sometimes hard to get the mixture flowing right and the temepature right so it’s not too harsh (anyone that has experience vaping a lot knows the trials and tribulations of fucking around with all the coils etc)

Then Got the classic cheaper vapor genie and it blew all other methods out the water for efficiency and ease of use. It works best with a jet lighter as you can turn them upside down, although easy to scorch the wood so you might as well get the scorched wood effect one.

In terms of being scared of dmt, it is seriously powerful stuff but I’ve only had bad experiences with it when I’ve done stupid things (really drunk, on coke, on all the other drugs I could get my hands on etc) but if your not an idiot like me it will treat you well, the anxiety involved in my experience is mostly pre blast off, once you’ve got the drug in ya, it’s mostly the feeling of being surrounded by love and fun but at a million miles an hour.

In other words, totally impossible to describe to anyone that hasn’t tried it. I’ve had similar experiences on high doses of shrooms and 4-aco-dmt but because of the duration they can be a lot more intense without being as intense if you know what I mean.

SA bruv!


cut coke bottle in half, put dmt on foil, wrap foil around coke bottle, light underneath slowly to vape it then inhale from the coke nozzle bretty gud

first thing i noticed was everything changing colours, walls breathing, my legs looked 100 miles away and were bright yellow then i blasted off


Am.good man, fuck heating up foil haha


You haven’t tried it yet mate? 5g of shrooms would probably freak the shit out of me lol the head fuck is unreal, but DMT I reckon to most people is just unfamiliar. It’s quite intense yes, but that’s cause you literally feel and see things you didn’t think imaginable. The good thing about DMT is after climatising, it’s like having a big full body orgasm and you just have this warm glow after, feels like what true happiness is lol. Give it a go low mate and then blast off (don’t do this) I guarantee you won’t regret it.


the flame doesn’t even touch the foil, you hold it an inch or two below the melting point of dmt is very low

i bet you boof your coco pops in the morning too. nothing wrong with a bit of aluminium poisoning.


Plenty wrong with aliminium bro, wouldn’t want to risk burning it.


What is a waterfall bong?



That’s quality


Late burt i used foil method like H and it worked


I have been able to get a level 5 experience by rolling a joint of DMT and tobacco.


Level 5¿ :open_mouth:





Same here, it’s really not that bad. People will inject heroin into their cock veins and get scared of a little bit of aluminium poisoning their brain smh


Then again, I’m not one to inject heroin so I also rather not get Alzheimer’s. Lol.