Any knowledgeable DMT folk?


You’re right.

I’ve never actually made the e-juice myself - just smoked whats been made by my friends. Even so… it’s definitely not that difficult and the steps I listed are certainly the first in the right direction.


No worries, mate :relaxed:! When you’re tonguing out the gooch of an ancient inter-dimensional space elf, please tell them that I say hi! Will pop round for a cup of tea and a game of hungry hippos with them later or sutin.


Just found my stash :smiley:


Good luck young space traveller.


Add crystals to vape liquid ?? Am I missing something pal?


DMT is mad ini boys n gals


If your still Looking for alt method to blast. Check out the GVG vapour genie. It’s literally the rolls Royce of breakthrough method


Had a ridiculously intense experience recently on 5g of shrooms, visuals were so surreal I couldn’t handle it at all lol. Was convinced the whole time my mind was breaking :rofl: Way too scared to try the dmt I have now.


Your in and out bud. No need to worry with dmt


Is proper intense, can’t imagine what “breaking through” feels like facking ell

Oo you said shrooms, yeah dmts much shorter it’s saund just intense, the visuals I had and haven’t browkn through yet was mad


Need to get more comfortable with psychs I think before I give it a go. That last mushies trip fucked me up for a few days and thats nowhere near as intense is it


Could you describe what your last trip was like, if possible lol visuals-wise


Trip with DMT? Or mushies


dmt bud



So as I smoked it I had sat down and everything had a weird greenish tint to it, not too strong but the colours were off, then 30 seconds later I close my eyes and see massive colourful object (couldn’t tell you what it was but I remember saying “FACK THATS MAD”).

When I opened my eyes I had triangle indentations over everything I looked at, wasn’t like anything I’ve experienced before.

I then closed my eyes again and saw just swirls of proper vibrant colours and they got proper intense until suddenly they stopped, opened my eyes and everything had a little green tint to it again and slowly disappeared.

This was like 50mg and one good toke on it holding it in for good 10 seconds before spit couging everywhere and had to sort down.

Can’t imagine what another two hits would do fack

This lasted around 5-10 mins


That doesn’t sound too bad at all compared to the visuals I had on shrooms. May give it a go then seeing as it lasts so short. I was under the impression that I’d get a visit by the DMT elves or some other shit. Is it that just on higher doses? I know fuck all about it.


From what I know of DMT and that have told me is there are different levels of DMT, you have to smoke enough to breakthrough (or there’s no real point and a waste of DMT).

With new drugs I like to test the waters first and then go ham, so I’ve tested and next I’ma go ham and meet some fucking DMT elves!

Deffo give some videos a watch on it man. Recommend


I will bro, cheers for that.

Wasn’t the 50mg dose you took high though and enough to breakthrough?


Sure I read that 30mg is, but the method I did I wasted loads of it (which I knew I would) and I only took one hit, Also diff strengths of DMT I think which matter on dosage I’d of thought.

More or less burnt the Kent

Oh yeah, it tastes of shit too, will stink your house out, made me gag


Yeah I’ve heard thats the case, oh well… small cost to travel to another dimension