Any knowledgeable DMT folk?


it did


Cheers for that pal, will let you know if I can actually find my stash


Yes bud, I’ve heard even after countless ISO soaks that the taste doesn’t go away.
I have a few spare BC Kanthal coils lying around though so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Reckon brass cloth instead of steel would be safe? Have them of my soldering iron.


I used a machine my first go and fucked it up. Tried to protect it from burning so much I literally out too much wool in there to vape it.


Lool, seems pretty simple, tried vaping some bud yesterday using a pipe and Ash bud Ash and it’s really hard not to cherry the cunt and take the hit


I suppose it comes down to practice with vaporising various substances correctly like give me heroin and I’ll still burn it on the foil into a charcoal looking mess


Promise mate it will work :’) just lick he top of the weed every now and again with the flame as if your crumbling hash intoa joint and just take the longest rip you ever have not necessarily the fattest. The weed above can burn and the heat that’s coming through will melt the dmt underneath. Plus when it liquifys it runs so it will move away from the flame slightly and into the bud.


Troed rougly 20mg last night in me pipe, deffo worked but didn’t get that "breakthrough* experience, wasn’t the best really but was cool, felt a bit nauseous as it was first coming on. Lasted about 3-5 mins quite intense flashes of colour and shite with CEV and sort of triangle indentations over everything with OEV, as well with walls breathing etc.

Need to try again, perfecting my technique with the sandwich method.


Sounds like you had a fair preparation. I tried similar to you a few weeks ago and got the same results, tried again with 40mg sandwiched and broke through. If the DMT is good enough you can easy breath through on 30mg once you know where your going.

If you put less water if the pipe then it will be easier to control how hot the cherry gets, or put the sandwich on a waterfall or a bucket.


Think mostly I needed more of thicker layer on top, was using a bob standard blast hole pipe, got iron lungs so can take whatever it throws at me.

Next time I’ll make a thicker layer so if the cherry does come quicker then it won’t ruin the dmt.

If the cherry does arrive do you just let it rip or take short hits to try and let the cherry lose heat


Either or I think mate. Like you said just make a thicker top layer and you should be sweet.


Pukka fella


Thanks for your replies, mate. Do you reckon a sub-ohm vape would do the trick for DMT?


Ah shit, that’s what I was worried about. Looks like I better buy a shitty cheap one purely for vaping DMT with. It definitely sounds by far to be the easiest and most convenient method!


Definitely, just depends what route you go down. Volumetric vs RDA/Saionara but I would be more inclined to go the latter.


Since I didn’t see anyone else answer…

I wouldn’t recommend brass cloth. I’ll be happy to be corrected but I wouldn’t think copper or zinc aren’t very suitable to be heated up and breathed in. I know from vaping forums that copper isn’t recommended but I cba looking for sources, sorry. I know stainless steel is widely used without issue though.


I’d recommend dissolving your DMT crystals into a nicotine free e-juice. As this method is famous for resulting in a one hit breakthrough 100% of the time, so long as you get your measurements right.

-> If you wish to make juice that can produce breakthrough effects with just one hit, you need to dissolve one gram of DMT per 1 ml of nicotine free e-juice.

-> Before all else, simply place your chosen amount of e-juice into a measuring beaker and then proceed to pour in the DMT.

-> Now, to dissolve the DMT into the e-juice properly, you need to place the measuring beaker inside of a larger beaker containing hot water. Enough water that the full amount of e-juice/crystal DMT appears as submerged (even though it is not actually in the hot water).

-> Wait for 30-40 minutes whilst stirring the mixture regularly.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

EDIT: Only use the liquid in a sub-ohm tank!


Right so what ohm level do I need and what type of coil style do I need to build with what wicking material and what type of wire and is this to be done via temperature control or variable wattage if so what wattage is required taking into consideration those who will be using dual, tri or quad cell mod devices?

Ya kinda missed out core information here that backs up your claim of 100% guarantee


@SoggyPajamas Some nice incites there brother. Thanks for the tips.