Any knowledgeable DMT folk?


Haha, each to their own :man_shrugging:


Cheers bro!


I’d sandwich it and do two 50mg doses or a 40 then a 60 as you might not break through first time no matter how big a dose. Second time however…


May have to get hold of another 0.1 in that case, what is the buzz like if you don’t breakthrough? Bit of anxiety or not?


Sandwich is foolproof no matter what pipe you use it with.


Strange. Hard to explain unless you know what it’s like to breakthrough. It’s like colours and dimensions but like not lol. No words can explain properly


Gotchu, can’t wait haha


I thought DMT wasn’t a DMT experience until you meet the aliens and unlock the government conspiracy?


It’s not. But once you’ve been there you can feel them watching at lower doses even if you can’t see them :wink:


Not breakthrough on DMT is still fucking brilliant! You don’t leave your body and see aliens/elves or anything, but you still get the unbelievably amazing body buzz and crazy Aztec-like visuals. No anxiety at all, apart from perhaps how quickly that intense body buzz comes on. The very first time it’ll feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and catch you off guard how intense and how quickly it comes on, but it feels fuckin’ bootaful!


I’m think I’m going to finally try it today, although I gotta go find it as I can’t recall where I stashed it now…
I’m gonna stick in the Sai and see how that goes


What a sai¿


Excuse my ignorance, but what the fack is a Sai?!


Saionara Atomiser, very popular choice for portable dabs.
Been told by several that you can put DMT in effectively.
I’ll likely have to replace the coil after though.


live review???


Ahhhh right, nice one. How comes you would have to change the coil afterwards? Is it because it would be be forever tainted with the disgusting pong of molten DMT?


Please please please only use it at a low temp else you’ll destroy it, it’s very fragile. Like just so it melts, I’d imagine if you’ve watched your oil and wax melt that you know what your doing, but like 100 degrees of direct contact is more than enough. Make sure you hold it in like you would saliva, and take two or 3 puffs to get maximum coverage of lung surface area to smoke I Halston ratio and all that scientific jazz.

Some like the taste of “spice” too, I can taste it do a while after and and smell it in other organic things.
P.s did your shatter come pal?

EDIT - don’t hold back either, just let go to it and let it engulf you or you might not get to the other side


It just taints the pipe you use. I personally don’t mind it sometimes but if I’ve just got some new weed then I can’t taste it properly through my bong until it’s been smoked or cleaned out.


May have to make myself a machine… keep thinking I’ma just waste the shit, just went and got glass drill bits see if I can turn a disarano bottle into 1 lol


Know if using a brass cloth would be ok instead of a stainless steel one?