Any knowledgeable DMT folk?


What the best way to smoke me dmt bois, will be having 100mg friday don’t want to waste.


adding it to vape liquid and vaping it in a mod worked perfect when I tried it - plus it’s much easier to measure doses


Not part of this vaping crew wouldn’t know where to start, know people do the layer of bud layer of dmt layer of bud bong to evaporate the thc, is that hard to accomplish


one way is to cut the bottom off a large bottle of your fizzy drink / squash of choice. get a piece of foil large enough to cover the bottom. put DMT on foil, then attach to bottom of bottle. heat foil gently warming the DMT until is all turns to smoke. inhale smoke. blast off!

alternatively make a little sandwich in a bong. so put some weed / ash / dried sage in the bottom, DMT on top, then weed / ash / dried sage on top. just dont let the DMT touch a naked flame

safe travels!


The two ways already mentioned are both great, but can give you a third options as well; waterfall bong! All you need to do is exactly as you would with weed, but instead sandwich the DMT between two layers of dried parsley. You can sandwich it between weed as well, but I prefer died parsley as it doesn’t cloud the DMT experience and it isn’t harsh in the slightest to smoke.

Just be sure to only brush the top layer of parsley with the flame, as you don’t want it to actually burn the DMT itself. The waterfall bong will cause heat to pass over the DMT and vaporise it, with the bottom layer of parsley stopping the molten DMT from dripping through the gauze.


Meth (oil) pipe!


Will probably end up doing the sandwich method with a bong! When you take hits of the dmt is it better to take one whole hit (vape all the dmt then pull) or vape tiny amount take hit vape another amount take hit?


Make sure it’s a waterfall bong! Works massively better than just a regular one. Best thing to do is get as much vapour into your lungs as quick as you can. Reason being, it comes on so fucking strong and fast that it very soon gets to the point where you literally can’t take another toke because you’re just that whacked out haha. This is why a waterfall bong works so well, as it gives you a full bottles worth of thick vapour that you can inhale all at once.

When I’m aat and abaat with mates it’s also always fun to put a bit in a roll-up (with a roach). Obviously you don’t breakthrough, but it still gives a really nice body buzz.


Okay so, just so I understand 1uned, Layer 1 dried parsey/weed, Layer 2 DMT (What would you say personally for dosage to get absolutely beaked), Layer 3 Weed, Lighter hovering just over the Parsley/Weed making sure not to cherry the materials?

Packed tight or not so tight?

Cheers bro


Y’all never heard of “the machine”???


Looks aight that, seen pshyedsubstance use it and wondered what it was, don’t have any diamond drill bits to drill through otherwise I would and cba to buy one cos need one by Friday :confused:

And I’m inpatient


I mean, if you had a test tube (idk why you would) lying around you could just superheat the bottom end and make a hole


LOOOL have my mighty bubbler attachment that’d work, would probably ruin my bubbler tho eh?


Yeeeep, that sounds about right! You literally just need the flame to touch the top layer of parsley (make sure it’s dried parsley) and that’s it; no need to hold the flame there for a while. You want to fit as much parsley/weed on the top layer as possible, just to make sure that the fire from the burning weed/parsley stays away from the DMT for as long as possible and give it ample time to vaporise (which it does fairly quickly). The bottom layer of weed/parsley doesn’t need to be particular big, it’s only there to stop molten DMT from dripping through the gauze.

Most people say 50mg is a good breakthrough dose. You can use a bit more just in case, as it’s not a problem if you inhale more than that, as once you’ve broken through it doesn’t exactly get any stronger than that, you can’t overdose or anything on it.


it’s finding the motivation to go buy brillo pads personally :joy:


Have tons in me house haha


All you need for dishes are them and handled brush, don’t even need to touch the plates ffs, fairy liquid too


Dishes? no time while active on here

Plus if I done things, the lass wouldn’t have something to complain about every 10 minutes so gotta keep her occupied


Cleaning gets me in a medative state, love it like fuck, only time I’m not thinking about shit


being comatose on xanax is my equivalent :ok_hand: