All the best 12IH


12IH has left us. Links to speakers corner just so y’all know


I do a line in a toast to strength and freedom from their vices


Why does he deserve tribunal when our friend @sudo never got one?

this is really triggering me


who the fuck is sudo


the best mate


I see what you did there.


do you coz I don’t but then again im really stoned


Pronouns dear Leon…

Kilo is a mischief maker that’s for sure.


Oh god don’t start antagonising I feel theres more fun to be had sometime somewhere on here that’ll lead to Leon V1 let free and total massacring of wrong people before permabanned


I am not trying to cause grief. It just made me shake my head and think what a bugger and mischief maker old Kilo is.


Nah he’s just the best guy ever


The name is familiar. Does anyone remember or know what his avatars is to remind me? 12IH no2 I know the prick that was sudo

Edit o his quoted post nd account is still live my bad


Some kind of jap cartoon thing. You know the kind of cartoon that sexualises teenage girls with weird old men…

Think Kilo might be rubbing off on me…


Do you mean mine lol? Sexuality is one part of psychology Serial Experiments Lain doesn’t touch on

I’m reading the linked thread now anyways


Lol I was having a little joke. My knowledge of Anime is limited to YouTube videos saying look how fucked this is…


Most anime fans don’t know Lainneither don’t worry lol. If you like cyberpunk stuff tho it’s amazimg


Every day I see your username and think I really need to rewatch serial experiments. And it is far closer to cyberpunk then anime. I don’t remember there being much sex/sexualisation in it at all.


Yeah man get on it, it’s a short series! It’s one of the only shows I love the intro to