DMSO, The Holy Grail of Pre-ban Mephedrone rediscovered?

Following on from the summary of pre-ban contemporary history by Sam Iravani , I was particularly interested (and unconvinced) by Dr Zee’s reported claim that solvents would have no impact on molecular absorption. Snorting bone dry mephedrone Vs a solvent carrier that is super saturated with mephedrone, along with the powdered mephedrone were not likely to behave the same at all in my view.

Snorted powder.
Solvent carrier.

Even if the solvent didn’t dissolve membrane tissue, the contact efficiency is much improved. This is the basis of nearly every microprocessor’s cooling system, paste is placed between the chip and the cooling block because there’s nothing better for conductivity than liquid. I started looking into likely solvents and paused with ammonia, ammonia is cheap, easily acquired and water miscible. It also smells bad. Ammonia nitrate salts are the main ingredient for smelling salts which irritate mucous membranes, cause eyes to water badly and the resulting adrenal dump into the blood along with any asphyxiant properties could induce immediate euphoria. I felt like I was close…

Looking at composite/blended solvents I noted a clinical study that suggested adding a solvent called DMSO into ammonia for better performance at whatever it was they were doing.

DMSO is Dimethyl Sulfoxide, it’s a powerful solvent that is also miscible with water and, remarkably, has the ability to transport solutes through the skin into the blood stream very rapidly. It does this by powerfully disrupting the fatty cell walls in a manner somewhat similar to dish soap on water.


The blue line represents cell walls and thus impedence to diffusion based uptake of drugs. As you can clearly see, DMSO will thin, increase porosity, and ultimately dissolve cell walls. The implications of such a drug in this context are huge. Trying to contain my excitement I did some further reading. DMSO comes as a white/green/yellowish powder, melts at 19C and smells like oysters/fish/burnt plastics. It is excreted hepatically over 120 hours as dimethyl sulfone, and smells bad.

It is also associated with vision problems, presumably because of it’s cell wall disrupting activity, something also commonly associated with pre-ban meph. Having discussed with members on the forum who are familiar with the substance, they relate that getting DMSO on the skin will almost immediately have the smell of it under your breath. It follows therefore that the onset of action of DMSO is very fast indeed.

One of our users, abstract3 relayed that his pre-ban mephedrone would be sweaty during the summer and need putting in the fridge to set again prior to use.

Mephedrone laced with DSMO would:

  •  Have a varyingly perceived sulphurous smell
  •  Be white, off white, light green, yellowy
  •  Make your body smell for a week
  •  Hit hard after every line (persistent tissue penetrating solvent layer in the nasal cavity accommodating uptake)
  •  Be sweaty/liquid above 19C and granular dry under 18C
  •  Potentially affect your vision
  •  Not necessarily show as an adulterant when screened since it’s not psychoactive itself

The DNSTARS community have pursued this topic doggedly, we funded the quantification references for our friends at Energy Control Labs for Mephedrone as part of this process and one year on, I feel confident that we’ve discovered that which was lost. To follow the discussion, check out our forums.

Please note, we do not condone drug taking or endorse, warrant or claim that DMSO is safe to use in any capacity, information is strictly “as is” for academic debate. Messing around with DMSO can leave you blind and/or kill you!

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