DNSTARS.vip is substance testing facilitator, devoted to safer drug use, education and harm reduction whilst providing people with a relaxed community of belonging, so often denied them by “mainstream” culture.

We stand with the British Medical Journal and the actual mainstream who call for the legalisation, regulation and taxation of drugs.

Please note this is not a site for you to score drugs on, there’s plenty of other places if that’s what you’re looking for. This site provides access to the NGO Energy Control International’s services at a fraction of the price, and to allow people to talk about drugs. Not who, how or where to get them.

Membership costs £5 a month and is by way of personal referral from someone already here. People who break the rules will be removed from the site with no refund given.

Current warnings:


A brief rebuttal of Hera’s exit-scam profile update.

Random CAPITALISATIONS for no real reason ✓
Refers to self as “The mighty Hera” ✓
Penchant for exclamation marks! ✓
Dubious use of apostrophe’s ✓

I’ll ask EC international to kindly provide a PGP signed statement there was no such documentation of whatever else it is he’s claiming.