Drug Gallery

This category covers any user created media relating to drugs or harm reduction. Please try not to link to preexisting materials created by others, but instead share your own works and take part in building an original collection of media. Who knows, you might win a prize or two if it’s good!

Shit Posting

This isn’t just a tradition at this stage lads, it’s our fucking heritage.

Vendor Agenda

Vendor discussions and interactions not specifically related to the substances they sell go in here. No sourcing please Ladies and Gentlemen.


Welcome to the Cannabis corner. Here you will find anything and everything cannabis - news, reviews, how-to’s, grow diaries, general chat and much more!


This category is explicitly and unashamedly about all things Cocaine. Please feel free to add your opinions, reviews & news, good or bad on current/past batches, vendors or markets


The category for those amongst us who like to go fast.


Welcome to the Opiates Corner.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Video, TV and Film

This category is both for the posting of video content from YouTube and other video hosting platforms in the video and documentaries subsections. TV and Movies are there for discussion of what your watching.

Book Club

Welcome to the book club this is where we discuss both the monthly book club choice, and whatever else your reading.
Please if your going to recommend a book or reading material post a little more than you read and liked it. We don’t need a full book report but a little info about the book and your opinion having read it would be appreciated.

Flip and Split

This is the category to discuss and request specific content from your resident content creators.

Crypto Currencies

From bitcoin to dogecoin, this is where we talk the crypto talk.


DNSTARS products, services and meta discussion.